Monday, February 8, 2010

Winter Day

Rain, the winter in the med is wet and cold no snow in sight just soggy mud gushing streams rolling of roofs and windy down streets and dirt roads. The rain was quietly slashing away this morning minding its own business uneffecting those it showered over, that was until this afternoon when the clouds gathered thick and strong like an invading horde striking their steels across the horizen in flashing blue light. The roar of the army came softly gathering momentum with each war cry until it felt as if the thunder itself was baring down on the house.

Everytime the thunder roars the Pink Piranha keeps running for legs to cower under the Dino thinks its another dinosaur Red Claw (from the 'land before time') stomping about in the mountains which makes him growl loudly over and over, lovely more noise in a small space. The Orges humped through the door sour faced grumbling cold from the rain greeted by tiny excited tumbling feet calling out their names. The Orges have been home barely an hour when they start bickering like grumpy old couple, for a change my sister the can't cook unless it comes from a colemans pack or frozen, is making dinner. Nothing exciting spaghetti bolognese rushing to make it all within the hour, not for the sake of our stomachs but because her diatribe soaps will be possessing her attention for an hour. I sat waiting for the envitable could you check on the dinner, luckily I came to the rescue of the sauce just as the mince was clinging to the pan.

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