Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bakers Fever

Since my island confinement stretched over the limit to unspecified I haved discovered my love for cooking, I think money has a habit of turning a passion into a chore, working as a chef become tedious I drag myself to work and sweated over a stove at times I felt like a fast food cook churning out quantity instead of quality. So I left and joined an agency the only thing that saved my sanity. I love the adventurous nature of different places and people and different receipes to experiment was liberating there was no routine for boredom to set in.

My black book of receipes is ever growing as I explore new ways of cooking the same meats and vegetables, but what I have discovered that I find more enjoyable than anything is baking yesterday I spent half the day in the kitchen away from the zoo animals to the almost peaceful corner in the house as every now and then a little one would escape wailing and tattling usually with a request to hit someone, like some brute muscle bound to inflicting physical pain by request of tiny mafia dons. I refused so they ran to their mother and requested she beat me for my ignorance.

Well annoying small things aside I managed to bake a yellow butter cake and it looked exactly as it should and tasted great, I was so proud. Today I'm going to try making flapjacks which I love.

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