Thursday, February 11, 2010

Age of Whining

Arrrrrrrghhhhh!!! I have spent over an hour in the backseat sandwiched between the Pink Piranha and the Dinosaur. Trying to ignore the long strained moaning cry, sighing out of the Dinosaurs mouth asking me over and over to smack his mother. Smack his mother I wanted to beat her with a stupid stick for having so many bloody things, at that precise moment in time I think I could have thrown him out of the car and killed his mother, the ear piercing wailing that filled the claustrophobic space was enough to be a human rights violation. The Pink Piranha quietly watched the whole drama wide eyed like one of those wreck junkies gawking at a spiralling crash unable to pull away, that and probably misery loves nothing more than company and nothing says a party then tears. I think in future I'll sit by the exit.

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