Thursday, February 11, 2010

reasoning with the unreasonable

Children I have come to realise veiw everything in a logical approach nothing is ever complicated and all things are either black or white no shades exists what so ever. All the accumulated stuff that grown ups think and stress about they just blank, droping a white screen of ignorance over it and scribbling their nonsense over to make it pretty.

The Pink Piranha who's a JLo Diva at the age of just 20 months insists on testing my resolve and lungs at the same time, after grappling over the sofa and wriggling through the railings she proudly squated like some cave child savage on the stairs and bellowed in her screechy voice something only a teletubby would understand, goading me to run after her, trying to reason with a child is like to trying to reason with a bad monkey hurling bananas only with better results in the case of the monkey. My pointing finger sprang up sharply aimed at her a weapon of no mass destruction in her tiny opinion, she just smiled sreeching at this game I insist on playing where I point and raise my voice to her delight. Well she won that and every round she went up the stairs and I went up after her before she got bored and found a new game this one involved littering the floor with toy mines, The Dinosaurs ears pricked up at the sound of mayhem and scrambling from his chair decided to play toy projectile screaming everytime one flew in the air and laughing like drugged up mental patient as the toys skidded along the wooden floor.

At this point I resigned from the care club and slumped by the radiator waiting for the game to get old.

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