Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coffe Break

A very dark sweet cup of hot coffee to settle your frustration and chill the Everest like mountain of anger. The Pink Piranha is having a nap and the Dinosaur is being mentally subdued by the violent antics of 'Tom and Jerry', the orges are home all muddied from school stripped and showered actually resemble children with a mother instead of the unsightly street urchins that bounded through the door wet and dirty shivering slightly from a beach excursion, the small private school they attend has barely the grounds to spit in and so all their physical exercise is done on the beach just 5 minutes away, normally the Orges enjoy P.E day in the swealtering summer when the aircon is your best friend along with the beach and pool. But I imagine the wide exposed beach in winter with windy gales that can bend trees left and right seems more like torture then pleasure. Rather them than me I have the circulation of an old woman a gentle breeze is enough to make me shiver, I spend most of my days molesting the radiator for warmth, with my daily bum warming exercises.

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