Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Space no matter how small is precious and is never more felt when you don't have it, currently my space is being occupied by a small growling terror, no its not a dog or a cat but a 3 year old boy with a dinosaur complex since moving in with my sister for an undisclosed ammount of time to help her with the kids because lets face it men are not Swiss army knives but specific tools with limited abilities. I found myself with a roommate as soon as the reserved sign was slapped on the cot. I lay awake that first night expecting to wrestle the dinosaur to sleep but he slept snorting loudly like a piglet, its amazing how a temprary situation a defined beginning with a end clearly mapped out well insight, well the horizon seems to be stretching and stretching.

A year down the line I still have a roommate dispite my best efforts to pawn him off on his brothers the rightful heirs to the delightful treasure. Now my space is an outline, the dinosaur has taken over my bed discarding his perfectly assembled ikea bed a rare thing indeed, I now spend my nights being attacked as wriggling legs kick and knead relentlessly throught out the night as I linger dangerously close to the edge of the bed. The pink piranha the small dumpling that she is, keeps trying to invade the already occupied room every morning she calls out my name as her little legs scurry along the marbled floor and thuding abruptly to a stop wriggling on the brass handle until the door opens and loudly screechs her presences her pale tanned complexion beaming red with wicked smile I plan on etching onto the dark wood 'NO MORE ROOM AT THE INN' before it resembles a childrens song.

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