Thursday, February 11, 2010

Soap Drama

Soaps are like your sterotypical gay man an over the top drama, where everything revolves around sex wanting it, having it, then watching everything self destruct usually in a murder and a lot of tears. I have noticed the difference between British and American soaps, ours tend to be bleak depressing affairs with a slight grip of realiy whereas the Americans are lavish and colourful with no ugly people in sight and constant sex there are more people in bed then out of it.

I don't watch soaps I like to consider myself above such lame melodrama my sister on the other hand religiously watches her 3 favorite regurgitated rubbish of Emmerdale, Eastenders and Coronation street, possessively hoarding the remote control until they finish trying to subdue her riotous young brood to silence during that period unsuccessfully I might add, so she just hangs at the edge of her seat drowning out the chaos around her .

But I find myself amazed and preturbed at how easily ingrossed in this rubbish I have gotten, catching glimpses slyly from the corner of my eye as though it was porn and I was too afraid to enjoy it.

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