Monday, February 15, 2010

The Other Sister

Our little sister is planning to visit and I'm very excited we grew appart when she turned 12 and I was a teenager, she became wild and started drinking which led to drugs but now at the ripe mature age of 25 she's clambered out of the deep dark hole she fell into enrolled in college is attending therapy and slowly rebuilding her life, I'm rather proud a feeling I never imagined I would have towards her. But it will be a welcome relief the little voice in my head keeps whispering pack your bags and run the minute she arrives shouting your turn just as the taxi screeches loudly for the airport, but the other voice in my head whispers back she'll be back on drugs after a week with her beautiful nephews and niece, lets face it the only reason I am not an alcoholic is because I don't really like alcohol, I'm on enough medicated and otherwise that I don't want to be popping anymore my thyroids pills, the contraception pillsand headache pills that it would be like asking for an overdose on a cocktail mix.

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