Monday, February 15, 2010

Still Shinning

Its been 3 days and the sun is still shinning I'm starting to get my hopes up about the weather, but I too tired to enjoy it I just want to slump on the sofa and vegetate, The Dinosaur came down with the cold yesterday running around the shaggy lawn enjoying the sun as the winter wind was still creeping about and caught him, It was like sharing a bed with an epileptic in a middle of a sizure hurling himself left and right and having a kicking frenzy as though he was audition for the riverdance. My sister went awol yesterday evening with her friend rudely leaving the house without so much as goodbye or you don't mind if I nip out for awhile that would be too polite. No she just crept away under the guise of escorting her friend out and never returned she was kind enough to haul herself in after 12 in a drunken state, which she is paying for this morning cradling the toilet as she loudly threw back yesterdays sunday meal, the Pink Piranha clutching her oversized cow watched over her half with amusement and the other half with concern asking in her babbling voice 'what you doo'. The Dinosaur was unimpressed he's seen the scene one to many times that its gotten old. I can't be arsed to acknowledge her state a decent person would have asked someone not just assumed, and I think that's whats being slowly grinding at me for the past 2 years her arrogant assuming nature.

I should be the wild and reckless one not the one left minding someone else's children. I fondly remember going out scantly clad in various outfits only working girls should be allowed to wear drinking cocktails until I'd killed the taste buds in my mouth then pub crawling through the town for more drink, to end up spending the next day in bed like a grouch ignoring the world as I groan in self disgust at what my mind slowly replays. Now I'm a glorified nanny who has no life my social life has no substance interacting with strangers through words on the computer, my life is a retro text based rpg game, no graphics no colour all imagination. As I sit here typing trying to think how I got here with kids I never blurted out and no life, I know I have to get out before I drown.

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