Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Rambles

Couldn't think of anything clever or catchy so I was just going to write the date then rambles invaded my brains but really all I'm saying is nothing please read on.

Okay since my last post I've gotten lazier...no more like distracted so I ask myself I do that a lot is there anyway I can link all blogs under one roof...well ask and then Google and you have your answer Live Writer....I can post from my computer to blogger and WordPress and anything else shinny that attracts my attention...so why the long over due post well I discovered WordPress actually I discovered it while wallowing away on crap island but seeing how its crap island it wouldn't let me open a WordPress account blogger sure WordPress big fat no no.....anyways once I escaped crap island and was back on civilization WordPress welcomed me with open arms so I repaid the kindness by starting two blogs on top of this one and another I forgotten about rejected coldly like a stepchild so feel free I'm assuming am not some mad woman rambling away in the dark and that there is someone who happens from time to time to peruse by check my other ramblings in the dark....http://catcrazyblogs.wordpress.com/ and my fiction writing blog http://scribblerblog.wordpress.com/

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Can't sleep it doesn't help that my phone is festering with apps and the house has a decent wifi signal...I've spent my sleepless hours spring cleaning my phone then refilling with some time wasting ornaments.....so I'm tired and the sun isn't far from the horizon....i think maybe the cause of my insomnia may have something to do with my little sleepover buddies and their heavy breathing convention with the dry cough sideshow.....while my sister enjoys her weekend respite.....I'm not a contortionist my body is crying as I'm being knead and bent and I think I might be developing simultaneously claustrophobia and vertigo as one child is glued to my back another crushing my legs and am hanging for dear life by the edge of the bed starring at the cold hard wooden floor fiddling away on the phone while I try to extract myself without waking anyone......can you get deep vein thrombosis from sleeping awkwardly?....I can't feel my legsand somebody farted great I can add suffocation to my list.