Saturday, July 28, 2012


Well I'm impressed left the little munchkins alone outside while I perused the net like a troll boss..its sheer dumb luck that their still alive what with my overprotective eye constantly slacking on the job.

But they didn't break anything not that I could tell and their not suffering any symptoms of guilty I'm going too have faith and bask in ignorance for the moment...what they did however was very artistic and made me smile humanity is a beautiful thing sweet kind caring and ingenious it takes the smaller souls to remind you...thank you little horrors for restoring my faith a little piece at a time.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


There are many sounds in the world beautiful haunting moving scary and off course not to mention painful...the most painful ear splitting murder inducing sound I've discovered that had yet to be rivalled is the sound off a child crying..this isn't a cry of normal pain this is a cry of I'm going to make you suffer bleeding slowly from your ears until you wish nay pray for own death.

If you've been unfortunate in you're life that you've found yourself to be in the same space as a child long enough you start to distinguish between the crys...and the cry born out of pure vengeance is the deadliest its only function is to debelitate your sense slowly crippling all rational processing thoughts until you breakdown into 2 levels the crying I want to kill myself level or the get stressed and angry going to kill you instead level...theirs a third level most adults choose its the bottle level drink until you don't care or until its bearable.

Alcohol not only making the ugly pretty but helping parents and child carers survive always in moderation off course unless you're dealing with satans little spawn the cute little Damian then you go right ahead and blackout.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Died In Vain

Elvira the crazy animal smothering tiny tune hugged and beat the shit out of a very large stuffed bear...RIP Big Bear thanks for taking the hits I appreciate your sacrifice honey pots await you in the fluffy kingdom.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Absent Because Life Happened

Thats right life came and interrupted my idleness it broke into my quiet little crab shell in the dead of the night like an armed swat team on crack guns blazing scaring the shit out of me as bullets exploded everywhere tearing into anything solid...handcuffed me and dragged me out kicking and screaming to a larger cell called I am obviously lying sorry I'm a certified pathological liar..thats also a lie I've never been accredited for my lies...the banal truth is I just forgot.

Arsehole Syndrome

I woke up this morning like I do every morning to the usual sound of dogs bitching mixed with screeching tweeting birds..the resident dog stirrer is not ours but a neighbours way down the street its very territorial and aggressive but if you approach it, it scurries away like a mouse chased by a cat, tail between its legs for the safety of its front doors...suffice to say mother nature and the animal kingdom are converging to piss me off every fucking morning.

But what I hate is the constant barking all through the night its like the entire dog population congregates outside our street for a canine west side story with the occasional cats production every now and then..this is what I call the canine arsehole syndrome sprinkled with the morning dose off mother nature bitch slapping me awake with the bloody light show that is the sun timed lovingly with the cricket and bird orchestra..i hate animal suffering our cruelty but that early in the morning I would gladly go hunting for anything that squeaks.