Wednesday, May 23, 2012


TOUCH-SCREEN.....sounds so provocative but unfortunately its technology at its best immersive interactive and totally fucking annoying I've become retarded towards normal phones instinctively frigging the screens like an overzealous teenager wondering why it wont work the inevitable face-palm moment hits....I'm a Muppet damn you sleek and shiny android would be perfect if it wasn't for your flaws number one your a fucking touch-screen novelty has worn off like an expensive Xmas toy that gets shafted for the cheap stocking filler. ...and also lest not forget to fuck you qwerty just who the hell were you designed for dwarfs perhaps.....I thought the pc was making me antisocial I had no idea phone apps would certify it I now prefer sending virtual just popping around or talking.....soooooo overrated by the way this my friends if i have any left is what a techno hermit looks like...if you could see me that is....just downloaded an app to let people know where basically I've just bugged myself and an app to talk to complete strangers thus increasing the chances of a serial killer.....2012 is help a homicidal killer find you because not every killer has a genius IQ.....our techs maybe getting smarter but were climbing back the tree....banana anyone....anyway rant over would go on really but qwerty is testing my love for this phone.