Monday, February 8, 2010

Playtime at the Zoo

The bloody things have been fed and I'm eagerly watching the time tick away on the computer screen for the wonderful time of the day, bedtime. For now the fighting seems tempered as the little ones play with the younger Orge the one I call the Mumbler, at the best of times he's a hyper squirrel falling over his own tongue at the worst he's a caffeine dosed squirrel rabbiting beyond the speed of auidble sound all you hear is the twittering and see the eyes bulging with excitment.
The elder Orge Grumpy is constantly pmsing I think its the constant exposure to estrogen that makes him hormonal, is sitting quietly which is unusual for him his mouth normal is always spitting streams of nonsense he resembles background commentary to a teenage toilet humour comedy film, the sense of absurd humour adam sandler would had as a child nearing puberty, or a drunken trying to slur a stream of words into a joke. Grumpy is playing on the computer building and destroying civilizations. The little things have ignored the Mumbler for their own mess creating amusements he is now laying comatosed on the rug waiting for some attention. I'm quiet amazed at his patients he hasn't moved for a 10 minutes I'm starting to wonder if the little ones have killed him nope he just moved his head.

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