Friday, November 30, 2012

Please Share Your Crazy Pills (NOT)

GOP Rep. Floats New Conspiracy Theory: Obama Ousted Qaddafi ‘So Al-Qaeda Could Take Over’ | ThinkProgress What rainbow colored crazy pills are the Republicans on I don't know if its a case that they're not getting enough pills to stop the crazies or its too much pills that's making the crazies...if ever a group could be the poster children for the detrimental harm of substance abuse on ones mental capacity then the Republicans are the winners (YEAH you guys win crazy every time...too bad there isn't an election for that) there has to be some sort of drugs involved please don't just be plain batshit crazy I mean I've heard of the elusive SANE Republicans they are rare...but these sane level headed Republicans must be out there ambling along their merry way far from the contaminated watering pool of the common Republican...come back OH great mythical ones your party has jumped head first into the toilet its only a matter of time before someone manages to flush the massive turds convening at the bottom.

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