Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Geek Breeding

I'm a geek not ashamed to wear the badge with honour I love sci-fi and fantasy movies books and comics not to mention games especially rpgs so yes I'm a geek it's easier to admit these days because being one is actually cool now back then only boys liked stuff like that and they were usually pimpled loners floundering at the bottom of the social ladder....probably lower than that COOL was not a word they were labelled with and girls did not like whatever boys liked unless they were the cute boys tall dark brooding football loving cute boys every straight girl fantasised about then you pretended to be interested just interested mind you....I was a closet geek my mother despaired that my geekness was a symptom of a more darker underlying reality that I was a lesbian in my mothers crazed irratic squiggly line of reasoning was that if you don't act like a girl then your a lesbian....alas as much as I would have loved to gift my mother with a lesbian daughter she so clearly wanted...I was onto her reverse psychology fire and brimstone prophecies and eternal damnation because and I quote "you're not a lesbian I didn't give birth to gay kids....other people have gay kids not me"...yes thats the way life works you only get the lemons you asked the way my crazed mother is fine with homosexuals gay lesbian bi you name it she has friends who are gay and will defend them with her last breath just as long as their not her children we've tried in vain to point out her hypocrisy only to be bashed with her bible my mother gets more religious and intolerant with age wisdom and tolerance must be in the lost edition...any ways geek yes turned my little brother into a quasi geek who plays the guitar and loves rock and metal then turned my attention to my oldest nephews geekdom didn't stick with them but they do have a more eclectic musical tastes thanks to me my attentions now have been directed to my younger nephew and niece why because geeks love company....they love comic books what kid wouldn't less words more pictures and all things sci-fi....i feel like Professor Frankenstein trying to create the perfect geek monster I'm close to declaring "ITS ALIVE" before my little creations....right as they strap on the straight jacket.

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