Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bad Aunting...My Bad

I found the little wench dangling on the other side of the door munching away on a sour orange refusing to let her mother in her own room regardless of the fact that my sister was busy getting ready to go yes complete waste of energy but don't bother telling her that.....shes winning that's what she'll be walking away.

After playing a game of push and pull she finally relented and let me into the dark shutters down lights off it was like entering the wenches lair it couldn't be more ominous than if she was standing their with a Cheshire grin stroking a bald red eyed cat mouthing in a Russian accent "I've been expecting you" I got the usual interrogation as I made my way around sisters boudoir...I like the word boudoir bedroom sounds ordinary childish whereas boudoir is elegant and sexy a grownup sanctuary for mischief and adventure but in reality my sisters room is just a darkroom to sleep and hide from her midget bullies. 
"what are you doing"...."stealing" I replied bluntly to her question as I reclaimed my USB keyboard from my sister....why do I have a USB keyboard if you have kids or one has ever hoovered around you then you know why... there's 18 reasons why I have a USB keyboard my sister has 88 reasons and there called keys that's the amount I"m missing and my sister actually that's all her keys...the little ray of radioactive sunshine picked out everyone of her keys her excuse my sister didn't have the foresight to tell her not to do something she hadn't thought of doing yet...because that's what we need to be doing giving you ideas on how to add to collective misery.
"STEALING" her face lit I could image little stars with WOW engraved on them flashing in her eyes quite the opposite of being horrified she was actually impressed and was quite eager for me steal some more stuff note to self if I ever need a criminal sidekick the pink loving wench will probably be to busy masterminding her evil world domination...awkward moment number I've lost count I think I'm may have carved a future path to thievery that leads ultimately to the dark side....okay I know she's already a part time resident of the dark side but I might have made it permanent  

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