Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Go Pro Or Just No

Bastards Bloody bastards.....well you know fucking what last time I ever try to participate in your bully tactics...that WordWeb that I was harping on about well it turns out that I really should of read that small print which I can't remember....I answered the fucking question never mind I lied it asked for an answer not bloody honesty...according to it under the licensing terms who even reads them WHO.....anyways I agreed to blah blah blah and its holding me hostage to blah blah blah something about agreeing to lower my carbon footprint by only flying once a year is that even legal telling someone how many times they can fly so now I have to download the pro that's going to cost me money version....why oh fucking why would I download the expensive stuff when I can just uninstall and troll for another free app I'm lazy and a scrooge not fucking dumb....never overestimate your importance to consumers when there's whole mountain of free shit to wade through.

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