Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bullying Free

I love downloading free stuff....why? well if you have to ask we clearly shouldn't be friends IT'S FUCKING FREE if you must have a reason excuse my french actually wish I could speak french I would say every swear word under the sun then make more up because FRENCH...people it's a sexy language...anyway I digress back to the free stuff I downloaded WordWeb a handy dictionary with thesaurus Wikipedia that does lots of useful stuff because every now and then I remember that I'm a boring adult not a marauding knight or a warlord with a vast conquered empire I don't know what people did before the invention of computer gaming probably wrote books and used their imagination like neanderthals...back in reality I have to do boring stuff with my brain so I install useful grown up stuff so I don't have to use the brain too much....anyways today I tried to use the app to find different meanings because I adult with a huge procrastination problem its like a syndrome with meaning.....when I tried to use my free useful for also time wasting application a message popped up 'if you wish to use the following free version please answer the following question' its seems like a threat you want this then you better do this a nice threat but it still threat...its a multiple answers AWWWW how thoughtful I don't even have to write my answer you know myself and I was so looking forward to letting my free range imagination with ponies and everything go nuts....but no 3 perfectly sane boring simple answers to chose from....underneath my multiple choice is another threat if you don't want to do this then purchase the pro version now if that isn't blatant bullying I don't know what is...the mafia of free downloads has struck and he wants payment for my continued patronage in bloody questions I guess had I bothered to read the small print I might have been warned can't remember if there was any small print addictions can do that to you grip you so fiercely that you click install just to get your fix....I know what your thinking answer the bloody question and move on but that's not the point or the principle I want free stuff no work or hassle this goes completely against my lazy ethos....if I wanted a chronic blitz question I would of signed up for surveys I actually did for some free competition with the absolute knowledge that I had no intention of completing any survey I just delete the emails until they stop or I die.....probably die first spammers are fucking case your wondering I answered the question it was about flights and if I had taken any in the last year nosy bloody bastards....really wish I could've wrote my own answer my sarcasm is fully charged and ready to bitch all over that....but sadly no I had to go with the lie because hell if I should be imposed upon and fucking honest too.

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