Thursday, November 29, 2012

Norquist A Case Of Stunted Mental Growth

Norquist: Republicans Should Hold Federal Government Hostage Every Month | ThinkProgress I think this is what happens when the bogeyman crawls out from and under your bed and into the light he does look like a man who would steal candy from babies and tax the poor parents for the crying babies....very scary and you know whats scarier people who listen to and follow crazy.

I'm no expert on the American government but don't these elected officials have to swear an oath to the office because this kind seems like conflict of interest taking another pledge to work against the people they are supposed to represent and I don't mean just the filthy rich and the people who hold things hostage usually called terrorists...Okay I've perused a little bit on Mr Norquist and turns out he thought up his grand plan when he was 12 years old....he doesn't seem to have aged mentally because hes acting like a child having a temper tantrum and won't quit until the adults bow down and buy him the toy he wants.  

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