Monday, January 21, 2013

Late To The Party

I know I’m late with the Christmas post and New Year too……but I’m committing to my laziness and welcoming the new year as I mean to go on completely unprepared and arriving at the end of the party….Well Christmas came once the presents were opened and rubbish packed it felt like a normal Sunday with more stuff to clean up after…New Year it hardly got noticed it was more like the unwanted stepchild that got cast into the corner and told to shut it and so the old year sadly slipped away as I greeted the new year soberly with great indifference…2012 ended it was the best of times but most a soul sucking bitch a year of hardships and misery that we greeted with perseverance and a smile so children could remain completely oblivious to the stress and tears and overbearing fears yes 2012 we survived teetering on the edge….2013 we said goodbye Crap Island having completed Olympic style hurdle jumps then it was HELLOOO England you bastard I’d forgotten how cold you’ve been….SERIOUSLY FUCKING COLD.

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