Monday, January 21, 2013

Tree Protocol

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Fucking Christmas Tree……this is usually the theme song I sing inside my head after Christmas YES YES I’m crazy doesn’t make Christmas trees less fucking annoying putting them up is a hassle all that care and attention just so your tree doesn’t look like a gang of blind elf's attacked it with missiles of tinsel and baubles….once up then its awwwww after Christmas then its FUCK its still there the Christmas tree removal fairy doesn’t exist DAMMIT……then its a matter of how many days can I prolong the inevitable it lasted 18 days 18 days into the new year before we took it down mostly motivated by our departure from Crap Island yes to be honest it would have been sitting there for much longer……we are a species of gatherers, gatherers of stuff an awful lot of stuff that you don’t realise until you have to move to the next hoarding cave.

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