Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcome December I've been expecting you like the perpetual dentist appointment that you are...Its the 1st of December and a Saturday way to rain on my weekend Christmas get straight to the screwing and so the countdown to hell begins cold early and begrudgingly secretly hoping the kids don't remember were supposed to be putting the tree up today.....24 days of misery stress and endless trudging back and forth through town scouring for that perfect gift eventually settling as the days dwindle to that'll do and fuck it they'll love it or they better pretend too.....and did I mention money is it me or does it turn like water this month slipping out of your hands quicker than you drink yourself into blissful coma during this happy festive month or does seasonal alcoholic syndrome only affect me.  right up until the 25th is the time I hate the TV every year every other fucking ad is flaunting some new must have toys that have expiration date shorter than the food in my fridge.  I could stop I know I could and just opt out and get off the crazy capitalist driven train that only has two stops death or poverty mine like every year runs out of steam just close to poverty station I have to walk to poor street and get a long bus trip to why the fuck did I not plan this shit earlier like a promise every year after every Christmas...not participating in my own mental decline and monetary theft would make me bad unloving and every other guilt fueled emotion you can think of because nothing says Christmas or I love my nearest and dearest then buying them stuff they want but don't need and all the while insanely driving myself to debtors prison.....Christmas my credit card and rating hate you with a vengeance. 

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