Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gentle Slap Wrist Then Back To Business

US slams Israel's decision to expand settlements - World News Seriously is anyone surprised this happened Israel is poking the bear with a stick...the bear will strike back Israel will respond and scream see I told you they don't want peace we can't work with them...Israel should respect the UN decision you can't expect respect when you don't give any the UN decision came with strict conditions for the Palestinians....peace process depends on both parties adhering to the rules and regulations placed on both of them....this slap on the wrist from the US will be taken and received for what it is by the Israelis an obligatory slap on the wrist your basic badly done Israel badly done scold followed by nothing absolutely nothing...US is Israels biggest supporter unless Israel drops a nuke on Gaza I don't think that will ever change 

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