Sunday, December 1, 2013

Let the shopping games begin

Christmas the countdown until it's officially over presents ripped open sweets devoured and dinner eaten...until then it's like the hunger games only it's your money that dies along with your sanity and slowly your loathing for your nearest and dearest grows as you trudge in and out of shops looking for that gift that says I love you it had to be big colourful but most importantly was cheap enough coz you have so many loved ones to show affection for this it's the time of year being marooned on Mediterranean island was good for your pocket....i care stressing and searching tirelessly until the last day Christmas eve when fuck it mode kicks in then it's just give me anything to wrap.

I've started for the past 2 weeks trolling through Amazon filling up my basket still finding time to save what I want for me later to treat myself for the anxiety and extra shifts...only got like 5 people to shop for working more hours this week to make more money to spend on other people I know it sounds unholy to me too....all I keep thinking is when will it be over so I can spend my money on me again.

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